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Inspiration is essential for us to grow and evolve as people and as a society. It is what gives us the zest for life and spurs us to action.


I once knew an elderly lady that was well into her eighties, living on her own, and quite the gardener. She believed that the wormwood plant was the cure for everything, and I couldn't ever leave her home without first having a cup of the awful bitter tea she would make. Another thing she wouldn't let me leave without was a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her garden, or at least a small root for me to grow on my own. As I would say goodbye, she'd say, "I think I'll live another year, because there's a new kind of flower that I want to plant next spring." She lived many more years after that, and as each year passed she would give credit to the wormwood, but I believed it was because she gave herself something to live for. Something that inspired her. Her garden.

There are many things in this world that we take for granted. What might have inspired us in the past, for one reason or another no longer does. Then one day out of the blue, something someone did or said, or something we saw or felt, ignited a fire within us and we are rejuvenated and revitalized. That is inspiration!

Inspiration is not something that we just have to wait for to come out of the blue, but rather, with practice, it is something we can control.


I challenge you to look at the following things over the course of ten days, one item per day, and look at them from a different viewpoint. Maybe from the eyes of a child, or the eyes of an animal, like an ant or a bird. Do you see what they see? Would you be in awe of the sunset if you were a bird flying high in the midst of the vibrant coral and deep crimson hues? Or, look at something from your own vantage, but as if it were the first time.

  • Clouds

  • Sunrise

  • Child's laugh

  • Your pet's facial expressions

  • Tree branches in the wind

  • Smell of an orange

  • Birds singing

  • Moon

  • Taste of chocolate

  • A kiss


Ask yourself: What did I feel with each one? Did it make me smile? Did it change my perception? Was I inspired? Was I prompted to do something? Not everything on the list will inspire you, but chances are something did. 


The points listed above are happy things to spur inspiration, but there are also negative things that can inspire us. For instance, if we saw garbage along the road or an animal suffering we might be inclined to change something about ourselves, what we do, or the world around us. So really, inspiration comes in all manners and forms, and if we want to be inspired, it is up to us to pay attention. 


I've been developing material to possibly write a book on inspiration. Here is a high-level sneak peek.


The Eff’s of Inspiration

1. Find Your Inspiration

  • You must look for what makes you happy, what moves and motivates you.

2. Feel Your Inspiration

  • Feel it from the bottom of your heart to the ends of your fingertips, and the essence of your very soul.

3. Feed, Fuel, Fan, Flame, and Fire Your Inspiration

  • Your inspiration needs to grow to the point you can’t contain it.

4. Focus on Your Inspiration

  • Don’t get off track. Visualize the end result.

5. Follow Your Inspiration

  • Let it guide you to take those necessary steps. Run with it. Do great things. Do small things. Just do.   

6. Whatever your muse, just get effing inspired!


I currently have so many projects on the go that it is difficult to get everything done. All in due time, I suppose. But in any case, I didn't want to keep these thoughts locked away if it could help inspire someone now. So please get inspired, and pass your inspiration around!

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