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Soulful Sessions

Working Together to Help Your Soul Soar!

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Discovery Call

Join me for a thirty-minute online meeting to discover what your specific needs are, and what program would best suit you.

30 min


Online Consultation

Through this one-on-one Consultation session, we will put a plan into place specific to your needs for your soul to truly flourish. If you require additional, consecutive sessions, the amount paid will go towards Wellness Coaching.

60 min


Online Tutoring

Wellness Coaching

With Wellness Coaching, you are not alone as you put in the hard work of your transformation. I am with you every step of the way with weekly consultations. Let's work on making your soul soar together!

5 sessions


10 sessions


Guided Group Meditation

These weekly meditations are just what you need to align your heart and mind with your soul. They are an alchemy of aromatherapy, breathing, journaling, affirmations, introspection, and so much more! By donating, you are helping others that cannot otherwise afford to join this class. Feel free to donate what you can, when you can. When: Tuesdays Time: 8:00 PT 9:00 MT 10:00 CT 11:00 ET

45 min - Expand comments for day & time.


Yoga Group
Meditating in Nature

Soul Basics Retreat

Fill your soul with life, love, laughter, and a whole lot of zen with our Soul Basics Retreats throughout the year. Whether it be mountain getaways or cruising the Carribean, we will have the retreat for you.

Coming soon!

Pricing TBD

Private Facebook Group

In a world where you’re enveloped by the stresses of life, whether it be pressures from work, failing health, memories from past traumas, or experiencing current ones, it is difficult to maintain the happiness your soul truly craves. This group is about discovering what you personally need to help your soul not just survive, but to thrive and to soar. Everyone in this group is free to express themselves without judgment or malice, and the admins and moderators make every effort to ensure everyone follows the group guidelines so that remains a safe environment.

At your leisure


On a Laptop
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