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Soul Chat

Chatting one-on-one with people is a passion of mine. It's in those moments that I develop that personal connection and learn what moves them--what truly makes their soul soar--because it's in those moments I learn about myself, my own purpose, and my place in this world. 


Below are some of the amazing people I've had the honor to chat with. Listen in and see how your own life can be changed. 

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We're all just walking each other home."

Ram Dass

Nanea Hoffman, founder of Sweatpants and Coffee, is one of the loveliest people I've had the privilege to chat with. Amidst her own battles with bipolar disorder, Nanea's desire to serve others is strong and comes from a pure place of love and is what truly makes her soul soar. Her mission is to inspire people to be their most comfortable selves—mentally, emotionally, and physically—because when you are comfortable in yourself and your life, you can do anything.

Simone Constantin is a business mentor for entrepreneurs and a children’s author of the series, Maple's Great Adventure. The expectation for perfection enveloped Simone from the time she was a child until it tore her life apart as an adult. She eventually came up with the slogan Perfection is Prison, and now teaches classes helping entrepreneurs thrive without the need to be perfect. Simone's courage as she battles breast cancer and the autoimmune disease, Crohn's, is inspirational and we are so grateful to have her light shine in this world.

Charlene Fleck is an avid hiker, kayaker, camper, and traveler. But more than her back to basics organic lifestyle, she is truly a kind person, ready and willing to help others soar. Her choice status as a single woman has not impeded her life in any way. Charlene looks for ways in how she "can" do things for herself, instead of relying on others. We wish Charlene all the best for her upcoming inspirational six-week trip to Europe and her epic three months of mountain camping that will follow.

Megan Henry is an internationally award-winning actor, director, producer, and writer, and she believes in living her most expressed self in order to shift to a higher consciousness and achieve universal enlightenment. Our conversation spanned from her early struggles with adoption to finding her place in this world. We talked about gratitude and compassion and their importance, not just for others, but for ourselves. Megan is a beautiful, brilliant light to this world and we look forward to her new book in the coming months.

Andy Garcia-Ruse is a former mental health therapist and an addictions counsellor. Then about four years ago, she was in a horrific car crash that left her with a traumatic brain injury. Through lots of rehabilitation and therapy, Andy is now living her life to the fullest, appreciating every single moment. She has taken her life back and is now an audiobook narrator, a writer, and a coach. Andy's beautiful spirit and positivity are what we need most in this world and we are so grateful for her.

Jennifer Slebioda is a poet and an amateur photographer, and after many years of doing both, she has decided to put these two favourite things of hers together and is now a photo-poet – a genre all on it’s own. Photography and poetry are avenues in which Jenn finds beauty and comfort from a lifetime of loss, including the loss of her husband to suicide. ​You can find Jennifer's beautiful work at

Lauri Schoenfeld is a writer, ghostwriter, editor, speaker, podcaster, and coach. She teaches creative workshops and is the founder and owner of The Enlightenment Show. Her kindness and compassion knows no bounds and is the first person to wrap someone up in her love when they are in need. Out of the depths of her childhood trauma and while suffering from PTSD, Lauri courageously penned the book, Little Owl, and is currently working on her second novel, Voiceless. Whether it be through speaking, writing, music, or sign language, Lauri will find a way to communicate her inspirational truths and shine her light to people anywhere and everywhere.

Tiffany Barnes is a writer, speaker, an empowerment coach, and an athlete. She is the founder of S.H.A.R.E (Sharing Hope for the Abused through Resilience and Empowerment). Her recently released memoir, The Throw Away Girl, tells her courageous account of physical, mental, and sexual abuse, and then at the age of 15, her emancipation from her parents. Tiffany is a most inspirational woman shining her bright light on abuse to help young people from across the nation.​ **My apologies for the audio difficulties towards the end of the video. I hope to have Tiffany back another time to continue this most important discussion.

Melanie Holland is a former nurse, wife, mother, and stage four cancer patient. But more than that, she is someone that loves to travel, read, write, and dance. She searches for ways to explore and enlighten her life, and by doing so, brings so much joy to not only her, but those around her. During our chat, Mel talks about her uphill battle with breast cancer that spread to her bones and brain. You will find her to be most remarkable and inspirational, because nothing will to stop her from living her very best life! Get to know Melanie by joining her Facebook group called Essential Connections where you will find love, kindness, and magic.

Amber Rose is an artist and a poet, a manifestor of miracles and seeker of all things enlightened. She is certified in energy psychology, hypnosis, and reiki, and is the founder of Bright Life Personal Development. Although Amber deals with chronic health conditions, she chooses not to suffer, but rather fills herself and others up with love and laughter. She is a true and beautiful spirit to this world, a light that we can all learn much from.

Peter Debaere is a devoted father, musician, and seasoned traveler. He is an avid hiker and loves to get back to nature whenever he can. He even has plans to hike Mount Kilimanjaro someday soon. Since his adolescence, Peter experienced quite a lot of trauma which led to many years of depression. In our conversation we discuss some of his experiences and what has helped him get back on track, stay grounded and at peace.

Jodi Raynes is a poet and wears her hat in many roles including being a mom, a wife, daughter, sister, and a brand new grandmother. Although Jodi was born with spina bifida, she doesn’t let that stop her from fulfilling her roles or achieving her goals. She also has many hobbies such as gardening, diamond painting, and just recently, crochet. We are so lucky to have Jodi in our group. She is truly a beautiful person and offers her radiant light unconditionally.

Laurie Staniforth has worked in law enforcement for over 27 years and is currently an Inspector for the Alberta Sheriffs. In addition, she is a vice chair for the non-profit organization Alberta Women in Public Safety. Off duty, Laurie loves to travel, golf, and spend time with her family. Through the course of our chat, Laurie explains what Alberta Women in Public Safety is and how far they have come and grown over the years. She also describes how she deals with negativity and achieves her own personal balance. We are truly grateful for Laurie, not only for her inspirational leadership, but also for devoting her life to keeping us all safe.

Coming Soon - Kristina Shelden

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