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Poetry & Memoir

Poetry has been my passion since the first time I heard, "Roses are red. Violets are blue . . ." A sweet little poem that gave me the desire to express myself through rhyme. From there, it was Byron, Shelley, Moore, and most especially Brainard's, "I Saw Two Clouds at Morning" that played their part in influencing me.

There is nothing more raw and true to my heart than the words I pen in the genres of poetry and memoir.

I'm excited to announce that the sequel for, "The Echo of You" is coming in the summer of 2024 called, "The Echo of Us". As for my memoir, stay tuned. 

I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear; my courage is reborn"

Anne Frank

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The Echo of You:

A Love Tethered Across Time and Space

Through a series of poems accompanied by landscape photos, The Echo of You takes you on a beautifully tragic and intimate journey of a couple destined to be together. Their love echoes across time and space over thousands of years, but in this life they must overcome great adversity in order to be together.

Conflicted by personal circumstances and overwhelmed by past trauma, they seek solace in nature and delve inward to develop their own internal power and strength. Once they truly heal, this couple is finally able to fulfil their destiny, not only with each other but also in themselves.

From the moment these lovers discover each other in their dreams to the moment they make their connection a reality, you will be swept away with feelings of passion, loss, healing, and eternal love.

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Misfits and Unusual Heroes

At some point in every superhero's origin story, there's a moment of trauma, a significant crisis: a spider bite, a car crash, a devastating accident, the loss of a parent, uncle, wife, or loved one.

The genesis of every superhero emerges out of the depths of these horrific, tragic, life-changing experiences.

You can't have drama without trauma.

That's why we read comic books. Not just to be entertained, but to find meaning for the suffering we experience in our own lives. We want to see how ordinary people can overcome impossible odds. How others rise from the ashes after their lives imploded, after they lost someone, something, or even everything.

Because deep down, each one of us wants to make sense of our scars. We want there to be purpose in our pain. We want to observe the transformation of trauma into superpowers.

This collection of stories, poems, and artwork is taken from the experiences and imaginations of nearly forty contributors. It is our hope that this book will find it's way into the hands of every creative misfit and unusual hero who needs to hear that:

You are not alone.
Your trauma can be transformed.
You are a superhero.

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